Thank you to all who came out tonight for the world premier of "C'mon, Get Pappy!" The fact that we were SOLD OUT tonight, and the incredible response we heard afterward exceeded our wildest expections.  We heard stories that total strangers who came were so moved they took notes during the show. We'd love to hear some feedback on the show from you...your favorite parts, what it meant to you, etc.

This has been the realization of a dream for both Pappy and Brett, and tonight was a high point of our lives. Thanks for helping us make it come true.
2/24/2012 20:25:52

Thank you Brett and Pappy for a wonderful and uplifting show! I loved it.... I learned a couple of "get Pappy" tips.... And I hummed the song "que sera sera" all the way home :). It was a great show and it made my week!

2/24/2012 21:46:12

Pappy’s philosophical musings punctuated by Brett’s melodious musical expressions made for a super uplifting, engaging evening. Everyone left the room with a smile, and…got happy! :)

2/25/2012 03:25:44

Thoroughly entertaining evening featuring love, truth and happiness.

Donny Moss
2/26/2012 06:22:27

Still stunned from last night. Your voice and stage presence. Pappy's anecdotes and life lessons. Cleverly weaving it all together. So many emotions. You need one or two more encores. Don't forget about the little people. Thanks for a great night.

7/6/2012 01:08:37

I enjoyed reading your blog, thank you.


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